Politik for cookies

We use technologies on the site http://www.natgeotv.com/dk/ (the Site) to collect information that helps us improve your online experience. In this Cookie Policy, we refer to these technologies, which include cookies, pixels, web beacons and gifs, collectively as “cookies.” This policy explains the different types of cookies used on the Site and how you can control them. We may change this Cookie Policy at any time. Please take a look at the “LAST REVISED” legend at the top of this page to see when this Cookie Policy was last revised. Any changes in this Cookie Policy will become effective when we make the revised Cookie Policy available on or through the Site. Any personal information that we collect through the use of cookies is obtained through transparent notice to you and through your consent. Where applicable, we provide you with the opportunity to opt out.

We hope that this Cookie Policy helps you understand, and feel more confident about, our use of cookies. Please also see our Privacy Policy to understand the other ways in which we use information we collect about you. If you have any further queries, please contact us via the contacts on http://www.natgeotv.com/dk/contact.


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device. They are widely used in order to make websites work, or work in a better, more efficient way. They can do this because websites can read and write these files, enabling them to recognise you and remember important information that will make your use of a website more convenient (e.g. by remembering your user preferences).


Below we list the different types of cookies we may use on the Site.

Essential Cookies. These cookies are essential to our Site in order to enable you to move around it and to use its features. Without these essential cookies, we may not be able to provide certain services or features and our Site will not perform as smoothly for you as we would like.

Essential cookies on this Site may include:

Cookie Description
cookie_policy_accepted Stores Cookie Policy acceptance
newsletter_confirmation_subscriber Temporal cookie. UX enhance.
newsletter_confirmation_unsubscribe Temporal cookie. UX enhance.

Further information: Used to help users navigate within the website and to allow them to travel back to previous pages. You can control these cookies via your browser setting but please note that the Site may not function smoothly if you do

Performance Cookies. Performance cookies, which are sometimes called analytics cookies, collect information about your use of this Site and enable us to improve the way it works. For example, performance cookies show us which are the most frequently visited pages on the Site, allow us to see the overall patterns of usage on the Site, help us record any difficulties you have with the Site and show us whether our advertising is effective or not.

Performance cookies on this Site may include:

Cookie Description Domain
__utma Google Analytics .cdn.ficgohub.com
__utmb Google Analytics .cdn.ficgohub.com
__utmt Google Analytics .cdn.ficgohub.com
__utmz Google Analytics .cdn.ficgohub.com
_ga Google Analytics .cdn.ficgohub.com
_gat Google Analytics .cdn.ficgohub.com

Functionality Cookies. In some circumstances, we may use functionality cookies. Functionality cookies allow us to remember the choices you make on our Site and to provide enhanced and more personalized features, such as customising a certain webpage, remembering if we have asked you to participate in a promotion and for other services you request, like watching a video or commenting on a blog. All of these features help us to improve your visit to the Site.
Functionality cookies on this Site may include:

Cookie Description
AkamaiAnalytics_BrowserSessionId PDK Plugin
HTML_BitRateBucketCsv PDK Plugin
HTML_LastCLineTime PDK Plugin
HTML_ViewerId PDK Plugin
HTML_VisitCountCookie PDK Plugin
HTML_VisitIntervalStartTime PDK Plugin
HTML_VisitValueCookie PDK Plugin
HTML_isPlayingCount PDK Plugin
tp_subtitles_settings PDK Plugin

Targeting or Advertising Cookies. We and our service providers may use targeting or advertising cookies to deliver ads that we believe are more relevant to you and your interests. For example, we may use targeting or advertising cookies to limit the number of times you see the same ad on our Site and to help measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. These cookies remember what you have looked at on the Site and we may share this information with other organizations, such as advertisers.
For more information about targeting and advertising cookies and how you can opt out, you can visithttp://www.youronlinechoices.com/uk/your-ad-choices or http://www.allaboutcookies.org/manage-cookies/index.html.
Opting out of third party targeting or advertising cookies does not necessarily mean that you will not see our advertising on third party websites, only that this advertising will not be targeted to you through the use of third party cookies.
Targeting and advertising cookies on this Site may include:

Cookie Description Domain Opt-out
x-smrt-d AdServer www.smartadserver.com
HTML_ViewerId AdServer cdn.ficgohub.com
TestIfCookieP AdServer .smartadserver.com
__qca AdServer .smartadserver.com
csfq AdServer .smartadserver.com
csync AdServer .smartadserver.com
dyncdn AdServer .smartadserver.com
pbw AdServer .smartadserver.com
pbwmaj6 AdServer .smartadserver.com
pdomid AdServer .smartadserver.com
pid AdServer .smartadserver.com
sasd AdServer .smartadserver.com
sasd2 AdServer .smartadserver.com
vs AdServer .smartadserver.com
_auv AdServer .fwmrm.net http://freewheel.tv/optout-html/
_ha AdServer .fwmrm.net http://freewheel.tv/optout-html/
_pr AdServer .fwmrm.net http://freewheel.tv/optout-html/
_sc AdServer .fwmrm.net http://freewheel.tv/optout-html/
_sid AdServer .fwmrm.net http://freewheel.tv/optout-html/
_uid AdServer .fwmrm.net http://freewheel.tv/optout-html/
_wr AdServer .fwmrm.net http://freewheel.tv/optout-html/
__gads AdServer .feiwei.tv
datr AdServer .facebook.com

Flash Cookies. We may, in certain situations, use Adobe Flash Player to deliver special content, such as video clips or animation. To improve your user experience, Local Shared Objects (commonly known as “Flash cookies”) are employed to provide functions such as remembering your settings and preferences. Flash cookies are stored on your device, but they are managed through an interface different from the one provided by your web browser. This means it is not possible to manage Flash cookies at the browser level, in the same way you would manage cookies. Instead, you can access your Flash management tools from Adobe’s website directly. The Adobe website provides comprehensive information on how to delete or disable Flash cookies see http://www.adobe.com/security/flashplayer for further information. Please be aware that if you disable or reject Flash cookies for this Site, you may not be able to access certain features, such as video content or services that require you to sign in.

In some circumstances, we may work with third parties to provide services on our Site. Third-party advertisers and other organizations may use their own cookies to collect information about your activities on our Site and/or the advertisements you have clicked on. This information may be used by them to serve advertisements that they believe are most likely to be of interest to you based on content you have viewed. Third-party advertisers may also use this information to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements. We do not control these cookies and to disable or reject third-party cookies, please refer to the relevant third party’s website. You can also learn more about controlling cookies in section 4 below.
Third-party cookies on this Site may include:

Cookie Domain Description
x-smrt-d www.smartadserver.com Ad Server
HTML_ViewerId cdn.ficgohub.com Ad Server
TestIfCookieP .smartadserver.com Ad Server
__qca .smartadserver.com Ad Server
csfq .smartadserver.com Ad Server
csync .smartadserver.com Ad Server
dyncdn .smartadserver.com Ad Server
pbw .smartadserver.com Ad Server
pbwmaj6 .smartadserver.com Ad Server
pdomid .smartadserver.com Ad Server
pid .smartadserver.com Ad Server
sasd .smartadserver.com Ad Server
sasd2 .smartadserver.com Ad Server
vs .smartadserver.com Ad Server
_auv .fwmrm.net Ad Server
_ha .fwmrm.net Ad Server
_pr .fwmrm.net Ad Server
_sc .fwmrm.net Ad Server
_sid .fwmrm.net Ad Server
_uid .fwmrm.net Ad Server
_wr .fwmrm.net Ad Server
__gads .feiwei.tv Ad Server
datr .facebook.com Social sharing
__utma .cdn.ficgohub.com Google Analytics
__utmb .cdn.ficgohub.com Google Analytics
__utmt .cdn.ficgohub.com Google Analytics
__utmz .cdn.ficgohub.com Google Analytics
_ga .cdn.ficgohub.com Google Analytics
_gat .cdn.ficgohub.com Google Analytics


You may refuse to accept cookies from this Site at any time by activating the setting on your browser which allows you to refuse cookies. You can refuse to accept Flash cookies from this Site using Adobe’s Flash management tools at http://www.adobe.com/security/flashplayer. Further information about the procedure to follow in order to disable cookies can be found on your Internet browser provider’s website via your help screen. You may wish to refer to http://www.allaboutcookies.org/manage-cookies/index.html for information on commonly used browsers. Please be aware that if cookies are disabled, not all features of the Site may operate as intended.